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Visit: lechonsfinefurniturefinishing.com/Web/indexH.php
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Frequently Asked Questions
 What services do you offer?
We offer several services, such as:
Furniture Repair and Refinishing, Antique Refinishing and Restoration,  Piano/Organ Refinishing and Restoration,  Custom Kitchen & Custom Built-In Cabinet Finishing, along with  Kitchen & Built-In Cabinet Refinishing.
 What other services are available?
We also provide our clients with other services, such as:

  Reproduction of Missing Parts and Turnings
(which we send out to be done)
  Veneer Patches
  Hand Rubbed Finishes
  French Polishing
  Custom Color Matching
  In Home/Office Touch-Ups.
 What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept payment by cash or check only.
 How long does it take to repair a cabinet?
Usually, equipment requiring repair is taken care of immediately. Teams sent from other cities are also served expeditiously, as soon as they are registered in the system and are dispatched to their origin as soon as possible.
 If a customer damages a piece of furniture repaired by you, is the repair done, for example, changing the tapestry to the sofas?
We offer repair service only in cases where the warranty applies.
 What type of fabric do upholstered furniture use?
With respect to the fabrics and tapestries, a great variety is available. We have suppliers in very important fabric stores, as well as prestigious international textile factories which maintain a wide variety of tapestries for all tastes. We have several catalogs of fabrics so that the customer can select the color and the type that you want.
 Are custom designs made?
If we manufacture tailor-made designs, Lechón's Fine Furniture Finishing seeks to meet your needs and we maintain a constant innovation in our product catalog, based on trends, and the tastes and preferences of our customers.
 What is the process to do a remodeling work of an environment like kitchen or bathroom?
We offer help from consulting, design, labor, manufacturing, installation to turnkey delivery to the customer. Whether you have a very clear idea of what you want or that together we find the perfect proposal to cover your desires.

 If you want to have more information about design specifications, price lists and quotes, warranties, sample materials, assembly cabinets, you can contact us by phone:

Monday - Friday any time between 7:00am and 4:00pm 
You can also contact us via email at:



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