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Visit: lechonsfinefurniturefinishing.com/Web/indexH.php
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Our Services
Lechón's Fine Furniture Finishing
was established with the customer's needs in mind.
   At Lechón's Fine Furniture Finishing we offer vocation, profession and experience. We transform from old handcrafted pieces to modern upholstery. We adapt your personal style with the beauty of the craftsmanship. We completely transform your home, every work, however small or large, has been and is for us a personalized and unique task; And every customer deserves the best service.
   That furniture, home or local you want to transform or design, Lechón's Fine Furniture Finishing can make it happen. We have the ability and creativity to make everything different and we understand your desire to keep the furniture of our ancestors alive for the enjoyment of our offspring.
   All the pieces that Lechón's Fine Furniture Finishing receives are reviewed and restored by our restoration team. Natural and traditional finishes such as pumice, rubber, lacquer, natural waxes, etc.
are used in each of the pieces.
    Our works are requested by individuals as well as by antique dealers, decorators, architects, catering, hotels, restaurants. We have the best service at reasonable prices.

   At Lechón's Fine Furniture Finishing,  we provide a full range of residential furniture refinishing and restoration services including:

 Antique refinishing and restoration 
 Furniture finishing and  repair
 Piano refinishing
 Kitchen & built-in cabinet refinishing
 Custom kitchen and custom built-in cabinet finishing

   We also provide our clients with other services, such as reproduction of missing parts and turnings, which we send out to be done.  Appliqués, veneer patches, hand rubbed finishes, french polishing, and custom color matching all done in our shop. We've also done in-home finishing, refinishing and touch-ups.
   All our work is done with our own hands, which means that every detail is taken care of while preserving its originality and antiquity. Trust us, you will be able to have the peace of mind that your furniture is in the best hands and will be repaired with affection and professionalism.
   Do not hesitate to contact us to give you a quote of the most adjusted with the guarantee of a job well done. We invite you to review our image gallery, where we show you some of our works.
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