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Visit: lechonsfinefurniturefinishing.com/Web/indexH.php
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 If you want to give a second chance to your furniture, do not hesitate to contact Lechón's Fine Furniture Finishing, they have helped me to restore some furniture so do not you think discard those old furniture that still have much to give for your enjoyment. Alexis Smith
 Actually, Lechón's Fine Furniture Finishing are different, I recommend them if you want to design modern furniture for your house or you are looking for furniture, the space they redesigned for my precious stay and the owners are very friendly. Theo Blair
 I had always dreamed of having a kitchen with bright materials and bright colors, with the latest in technology, and I would definitely recommend Lechón's Fine Furniture Finishing, made the kitchen of my dreams, presented me with a modern project for my home and at a reasonable price. Emma Jones
 The customer service at Lechón's Fine Furniture Finishing is great, they focus on the details, they are really positive people and with extensive experience in the remodeling of spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. The quality is exceptional, 100% recommended. Erick Lee
 I have an old piano and it was deteriorating, I did not think twice to leave it in the hands of Lechón's Fine Furniture Finishing, it fascinated me as they have left it and the staff very nice. 
Jack Wood
 The personalized attention and especially the design of the bathroom cabinets make that recommend 100% to Lechón's Fine Furniture Finishing, the design is practical and modern and the reasonable price. Christian Hamilton
  In Lechón's Fine Furniture Finishing they are very careful with your antiques, they work to conserve your furniture with procedures that restore their beauty, they are true restorers and their service is economic. Jane Lewis
 Contact Lechon's Fine Furniture Finishing for the repair of a garage door and the work was excellent, certainly dedicated entirely to the customer and are careful and expert, the work team is very responsible. Adam Scott

 Lechón's Fine Furniture Finishing is a great company, with very good prices and professionals, in my case they restored kitchen cabinets and bathrooms in maple wood and the work was done on the site, they were very careful with the always clean area, they are responsible and punctual. David Peterson

  I made an appointment with Lechón's Fine Furniture Finishing for the redesign of furniture throughout the house: kitchen, bathroom, living room and dining rooms. In general I am very happy with their work, they restored and repainted each of the furniture in those spaces, arranged those damages like unevenness and lack of symmetry in the doors. I would definitely recommend them for their experience and quality. Amy Silver


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